A couple of words for ChatGPT

I have recognized various short videos that show ChatGPT’s outstanding skills. However, frankly writing, my feeling is a mixture of jealousy and worry.

Jealousy because the knowledge & experience we have so far is at the eve of being ordinary data in the market. Nevertheless, this kind of disruptive evolution did not happen at first time. It also happened in 70-80s when the computer’s computational ability took place rapidly of manual computational work. It broke the dam cover and set the water free. By using computational power and its programming ability, kinds of stuff (tasks, processes, calculation, reports etc.) which required high expertise, knowledge, and a long time before, became to be able to execute precisely in seconds. Expertise and knowledge for them became worthless. My generation was the predecessor of the manual age. We built another knowledge and expertise on that disruptive evolution. Our duty was more complicated and challenging compared with older generations. It’s because expectations on outputs increased, and time perceptions had already changed.

Worry because I see the excitement and enthusiasm for AI language like ChatGPT to prove how it can prepare an essay on a complex topic in seconds or to write a job-specific cover letter without your intervention. I see this excitement and enthusiasm as the first feelings and reactions when the cover dam brake and the water is free. But we should notice the main point which will shape upcoming years. As with other disruptive evolutions, this also will push the human being to deal with new and more complex expectations and time perceptions.

In other words, AI would be a cornerstone, but we need to be aware that we will have to spend more time and work harder to deliver meaningful and valuable outputs that have a cost-benefit for us.


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