Nation-states are institutionalized.

In this post, I want to express my observation on the transformation of states. A quick takeaway for the readers is that the nation-states have been gradually transforming into institutional states which are nation independent by importing labor/human resources. As a result, the definition of a nation is getting blurred.

“Why Nations Fail?”  by Daron Acemoglu & James.A.Robinson explains why some nations live in wealth but others in poverty with a great historical view. The states who spread power and prosperity with constant institutions are superior to others. It also sets the foundation for understanding how and why empires collapsed and nation-states have risen.

While empires were collapsing, nationalism took its place to shape nations and countries. Even though it peaked time-to-time, the general trend is always tending to fall since then. Because it always needs to fix with the current global capitalism and economic model.

Impossible to think the labor/human resource is fixed and classified in roots/origins while other factors of production (land, capital, and entrepreneurship) have free circulation. For this reason, brain drain, in other words, labor/human resource circulation (not as an enslaved person, based on willingness) dramatically increased in the last 30-40 years. It seems so, the pace of it will constantly increase in upcoming years.

The practical reflection of it is the U.S.A. It has been importing labor/human resources since its foundations and gathering them under a virtual nation that gives a common target and dream instead of roots or ethnicism.

From that perspective, being “Turkish,” “German,” or “English” become meaningless and blur gradually. Being a member of a nation is being replaced by being a citizen of a state, which means a person who is living, producing, and paying taxes in a defined landscape.

As a result, states that plan to get or sustain their superiority are transforming into institutional states by attracting highly skilled labor/human resources.


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